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through advocacy

AB Livewell advocates for non-violence and community healing.



Credible Messenger Programming & Advocacy

We work with local leaders, organizations and credible messengers to develop or enhance programs through strategic planning, program management, contract development and being a liaison to all parties. AB Livewell will provide management of the program including training on advocacy and empowerment. 

Advocacy Curriculum

We work with local leaders, organizations, credible messengers and other populations in the community to develop advocacy sessions on a community-wide level. These sessions are designed to create suggestions for cities and community members on how to continuously mitigate violence. 

Hands Up

Dedicated to ending violence

At AB Livewell, we are dedicated to promoting non-violence within communities. 



"Amanda is a rare gem. A person who, no matter what, is wholly dedicated to what she is doing and willing to take the time to find solutions to issues when she discovers them."

Mike McMillan
Business Owner



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