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Our services aim to empower and heal those impacted by violence, promoting a safer and more peaceful world. Learn more about our three services: 

Credible Messenger Programming & Advocacy

Works with local leaders, organizations and credible messengers to develop or enhance programs through strategic planning, program management, contract development and being a liaison to all parties. Once contracts are secured, ABL will provide management for all aspects of the program including internal and external training on advocacy and empowerment.

Advocacy Curriculum

Works with local leaders, organizations, credible messengers and other populations in the community to develop advocacy sessions on a community-wide level. These sessions are designed to create suggestions for cities and community members on how to continuously mitigate violence. 

Speaking Engagements

AB Livewell's Amanda Brown is available for speaking engagements. She speaks on two important topics:

Removing Shame & Building Trust for the Criminally-Impacted

Violence in communities can be perpetuated by punitive measures, rather than restorative approaches. This talk emphasizes the importance of recognizing everyone's ability to contribute positively to society. 

Bridging Grassroots & Systems Together

Sometimes there is a misconception that those in the field and those in systems are opposites. However, both are made up of human beings, and breaking down barriers and building trust is critical for effective programs and systems. 

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