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AB Livewell

At AB Livewell, we are dedicated to promoting non-violence within communities. Our advocates work to empower communities to rise above difficult circumstances, assess community needs and provide suggestions for improvement. We focus on empowering individuals in communities most affected by violence, poverty, and other detrimental life circumstances to make positive changes in their lives. Together, we can create safer, healthier, and just communities for all.

AB Livewell enhances and advocates for restorative practices, to ultimately shift mindsets, through credible messengers, government relationships, community relations and coalition building.
AB Livewell's goal is for society to realize that individuals with a criminal history, background or organized crime affiliations can transform their lives and be a contribution to society.

Amanda Brown


AB Livewell was developed through the founder, Amanda Brown’s, business experience when she graduated in 2009 and was an avid volunteer and community advocate. As her career unfolded and developed, it was clear that there was an underlying passion to make a difference for people and chose to go back to school and completed her Master’s Degree in Peace & Justice, from the University of San Diego’s Joan B Kroc School of Peace Studies. Bringing her unique background in community engagement, leading and developing individuals, strategic planning and project management, public relations, and professional coaching, she has a commitment to utilize all her skills for making a difference for humanity, specifically in community violence prevention, gang prevention/intervention, youth development, and anti-human trafficking. Her vast experience brought her to this point of starting her own organization to ultimately be part of the solution for healthier communities. 

“Violence in communities sometimes is perpetuated by heavy punitive measures vs. restorative approaches. If society can take a step back, look at all people as human beings, who have been through challenging and even life threatening circumstances, there’s a possibility for healing and peace. Those that utilize violence are sometimes stuck in a cycle of not knowing a way out. We believe that everyone has the ability to contribute to society in a positive and empowering way for themselves and their communities."

Amanda Brown, Founder/CEO

Board of Directors


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