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Stay updated on our impact and mission by exploring the articles and videos featuring AB Livewell and our founder, Amanda Brown.


Shoutout SoCal

Brown, founder of AB Livewell, shares her unique approach to creating safer and healthier communities and the challenges she has faced along the way through her work.


Landmark Forum News

Landmark Forum News interviewed Amanda Brown about her journey from a Connecticut upbringing to the Streets of inner-city San Diego working in gang violence interruption.

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CanvasRebel Magazine

Brown shares her passion for building a legacy of trust and safe relationships in all aspects of her life and her mission to empower individuals and communities through restorative practices.


SD Voyager

Discover Brown's inspiring journey from graduate to a successful business owner in the gang prevention and anti-human trafficking space in this exclusive interview with SD Voyager.

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ACES Connection

Brown was a member of the planning team for the four-part Trauma-Informed Learning Community series, which brought together cross-sector service providers, agencies, and schools.

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Anti-Trafficking Summit

Brown hosted the Anti-Trafficking Summit - Survivor Voice - Trafficking from a Restorative Dual Perspective along with Armand King from Paving Great Futures.

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Rally Against Gun Violence

San Diego's NBC 7 covers downtown Rally Against Gun Violence with a press conference of local advocacy groups and city leaders including AB Livewell's Amanda Brown. 

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HARC Advisory Group

San Diego County contracted with HARC to conduct a community needs assessment on gun violence reduction. Brown was a member of the Violence Reduction Advisory Group.

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No Shots Fired Program

With the guidance of Brown, local law enforcement and Shaphat Outreach have partnered to create the No Shots Fired program to solve gun violence in San Diego. 



Brown is highlighted on Episode 7: "The Solutions" of STOLEN, which is a documentary series that sheds light on the reality of sex trafficking and the people fighting to break the cycle.

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